Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about how we’ve got St. Patty’s Day all wrong. This morning I saw the best definition of today and thought we should…

Now that you have the CD, which songs do you like?

What’s your favorite? 1 Leave Me Alone 2 I Don’t Give a Damn 3 One More Day 4 Heart Like Mine 5 What Should I Believe

CD Release Party

Just a few hours away….ok more than a few. We’ve gotten a tremendous response toward our newly ordered merch. So much so that we’re trying to get some more on…

CD’s are on the way!

You asked for it….here it is:   CD’s and new merch are on the way! Check back here often as we will be adding new items regularly. We’re really looking…

Release of our EP “Regardless”

After lots of hard work trials and tribulations we’re finally putting the final touches on our EP entitled “Regardless”. While we had a plethora of places that we could have…


  • 02
    Austin, TX
    Rattle Inn
  • 16
    Sweeney, TX
    Private Party
  • 23
    Prue, OK
    Backwoods Bash
  • 20
    Austin, TX
    Rattle Inn

The Warhoses Twitterverse

worked on some new songs tonight, good to be getting back to it

Good meeting today....good time with a friend from Granger Smith's crew. Looking forward to the next few months.

CD Arrival date.....tomorrow!! Can't wait to get these in people's hands