“Heart Like Mine” and other news…

Hey!  “Heart Like Mine” is out on Texas radio right now.  There are many stations that have already picked up the song, but we still need more stations to pick it up.  That’s where you come in!  Call your local radio stations and tell them you want to hear “Heart Like Mine” by The Warhorses (AKA your favorite band).  Our last single (“Leave Me Alone”) hit the Top 50 on both the Texas Music Chart and Texas Regional Radio Report and we’re hoping this song will break the Top 30.  We appreciate your support!

In other news, we have a bunch of new merch ready for you.  Several new t-shirts and koozies will be available this week at shows.  And we’re in the process of setting up our online store so you’ll be able to pick them up online also.  Stay tuned!


“Heart Like Mine”

I’ve been slacking on writing posts this year, so here’s an update on what we’ve been up to…

We’ve teamed up with Ken Tondre at The Compound Recording Studio to record a new single and a new EP.  You might know Ken as the longtime drummer for Kevin Fowler, as well as producer of several of Fowler’s records.  He’s a badass, not only on the drums, but also as a producer and engineer.  He’s a great dude and we’re happy to be working with him.

We had many lengthy conversations about what song we should release as our second single.  We also gave our friends and fans a vote in the matter.  And so we decided that we would record a new and improved version of “Heart Like Mine” from our first EP.  Not only do we feel like it’s a great song that can stand up to what’s being played on the radio these days, it also seems to be a fan favorite everywhere we go.  Plus, it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve written.  We made a few changes, with Kens’ help, and we’re really excited about how it sounds now.  It’s gonna blow your mind…

We’re hoping to release the song to radio by the end of the month, and we’ll put it on iTunes (and everywhere else) for you to download.  And maybe we’ll find a way to let you preview it when we’re finished.  Stay tuned!


2015, here we come!

What a year 2014 has been.  We had a few hiccups early in the year, but we’ve been running hard and fast over the last 6 months and we plan to keep up that momentum as we move into 2015.  We couldn’t be more excited about how this year is ending for us.

“Leave Me Alone” is one spot away from being a Top 50 single on the Texas Music Chart.  We have our fingers crossed that it’ll bust into the Top 50 once the charts pick back up in mid-January.  Who knows where it will end its run on the charts.  Thanks to our fans for requesting it, Texas radio for playing it, and Blue Lark Entertainment for their relentless promotion of our song.  It’s quite an achievement to have a debut single chart on the Texas Music Chart.  Stay tuned next year to see where it goes from here.

It seems that “Heart Like Mine” seems to be the overwhelming fan favorite on the EP, so we’ve decided to record a new and improved version of the song to release as a follow-up single in early 2015.  Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how much life “Leave Me Alone” has left in it before we release another song.  Be on the lookout for “Heart Like Mine” in 2015.

2015 will also bring a new record for your listening pleasure.  We have some new songs, some of which you may have heard at a show, and we’re continuing to write feverishly so that we can give you the best songs we possibly can.  We’re still in the planning stages, but we’re really hoping to release the new record around summer of 2015.

We can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve shown us this year.  2014 has been a great year and 2015 is going to be even better.  Keep spreading the word and we’ll see you down the road.  Happy New Year!


Texas Music Pickers Single Spotlight

Single Spotlight: The Warhorses – Leave Me Alone

Our spotlight shines on The Warhorses this week.  “Leave Me Alone” moved from #72 to #68 on the Texas Regional Radio Report and is just outside the Texas Music Chart’s Top 50!  The song was the first, front-man, Casey Shaw had ever written for The Warhorses and was a collaborative effort between him and his brother.  “I hadn’t been doing much writing at that time, so I dug out an old notebook and started kicking ideas around with my brother.  He was going through a divorce at the time and I had a bunch of song ideas I had written when I went through my divorce several years before, so we had plenty of material to work with”, Shaw told us.  A few days later his brother had the first verse and chorus written and Shaw did the rest, “as soon as I read it, I knew that I had already written the second verse, probably 10 years ago.  I flipped through the notebook until I found the lyrics ‘I’m not saying that I haven’t done wrong…’ and it fit perfectly”, Casey explained.  They developed the melody, added a bridge, recorded a demo, and now here it is jumping up the Texas charts!

The track stood out to Texas Music Pickers due to its smoothness and the chorus you can’t help but sing along to.  Shaw’s vocals seem to just flow along the track, and convey every emotion written in to the song.  Some songs you play air guitar to, some you’re the singer, but on this one, you can’t help but drum anything within hand’s reach.  The chorus sticks with you and keeps your finger hitting the replay button.

This is the group’s 1st single off of their debut EP “Regardless” and already have plans to release “Heart Like Mine” (our favorite of the EP) as the next one!  Well, we think they’re going to have to wait awhile, because this one should be on the charts for several more weeks!  Help us push this one up the charts by requesting in on your online and local radio stations!

Band Members:
Casey Shaw – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Sonny Bihl – Lead Guitar
Seth Tobin – Bass
Phil Medina – Drums

Vote for us!

The good folks at Texas Music Pickers have been kind enough to include us in the “Rising Star” category of their Texas Music Pickers Awards.  We’re up against some stiff competition, so we would appreciate your votes.  Follow the link below:


And while you’re over there, check out the cool writeup they did on our single, “Leave Me Alone.”  Thanks!


Is it really December?

Well…2014 sure has flown by.  It’s been a great year for the WH and we’re expecting 2015 to be even better.  In the meantime, we’ve got a handful of shows left to play and one final push to get “Leave Me Alone” into the Top 50 on the Texas Music Chart.  As of today, we’re only TWO spots away from accomplishing that goal.  So call your local station and tell them you want to hear it!  Stay tuned…

We sure appreciate all your support!  Keep spreading the word and we’ll keep busting our asses to make the best music we can.  See you down the road!


Vote for “Leave Me Alone”

Our single made the Texas Regional Radio Report!   Texas Music Pickers have been kind enough to feature “Leave Me Alone” on their Texas Music Breakthrough and on their weekly Favorite New Single poll.  Take a minute to go vote for us!  You can vote for “Leave Me Alone” here: http://www.texasmusicpickers.com/whats-your-favorite-new-single/

Keep spreading the word about us!  We greatly appreciate all your support and we’re going to keep busting our asses to make you you proud.  We’ll see you down the road!




Leave Me Alone

We’re halfway through August and our single, Leave Me Alone, is off and running this week.  It’ll take some time to really get an idea of how it’s doing, but we’re all very excited about our song hitting the airwaves.   Now the real work begins!  In addition to all the shows we  already have scheduled, we’re planning some radio tours and shows around the state.  Austin is our home and people here have been so good to us, but it’s time to spread the wealth!  We’re looking forward to hitting the road and making new friends from Tyler to Corpus Christi to Lubbock and everywhere in between.  With that said, we need your help!  Call your local radio stations and tell them you want to hear the single!  You can also hear it on several online stations like www.radiofreetexas.com, www.bigstar97.com and www.badlandsfm.com.


P.S. Here are a few of the stations that will are playing the single.  There are lots of smaller stations in Central, East and South Texas, as well as the Panhandle.  I’ll post more later, but if you don’t see your station on this list or have a question about a station, post a comment and I’ll let you know.

Austin – KOKE FM 98.5 & 99.3

Bryan/College Station – 98.3 KORA & Aggie 96

Corpus Christi – My Country 94.7, 97.5 KFTX and K99

Dallas/Fort Worth – 95.3 The Range & 95.9 The Ranch

Huntsville – KSAM 101.7

Lufkin – Y100 & KICKS 105

Lubbock – 105.3 The Red Dirt Rebel

Midland/Odessa – My Country 96.1 and KICKS 99.1

San Angelo – Lonestar 92.9 & Kickin’ Country 103.1

Stephenville – KWBY 98.5 & 107.9 and The Mighty 93

Tyler – KNUE 101.5

Waco/Temple/Belton/Killeen – Shooter FM 92.9 & 106.9


A quick update…

We’ve been slacking on keeping the blog up to date, so here’s a quick update for you…  We’ve been steadily busy since May and it looks like it’s going to stay that way through the end of the year, which is a good thing.  I mean, the only way to get your music out to folks is to get your ass out there and play it.  So that’s what we’re doing.   Go checkout our calendar and find a show to come see us!

Our EP “Regardless” has been out in the world on its own for a little over 4 months now and the response has been great so far.  In fact, our friends at The Buck 103.7 in Kerrville and at KTEX 106.1 in Brenham started playing “Leave Me Alone” in advance of the official release because they liked it so much.  We’ll be releasing that song to radio across Texas starting in August, so listen for it on your local station and request it!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to play live and promote the EP on Fox 7’s Good Day Austin.  What a cool experience that was.  If you missed it, you can find the video on our Facebook.  Go watch it and share it with your friends!

If you haven’t already, go like us on Facebook and follow us (@thewarhorses) on Twitter and Instagram.  Help us spread the word in our quest for world domination (or at least state domination).


Is it May already?

So far, 2014 has been a busy year for The Warhorses and it doesn’t look like we’ll be slowing down.  We’ve released our EP “Regardless” and have been overwhelmed by the response we’ve received so far.  If you haven’t already heard it, head over to iTunes and download it, or pick up a copy at a show, and share it with all your friends.  We’re building this thing on our own, from the ground up, and we appreciate the support we get from our friends and family, as well as new friends we’re making along the way.  We’re excited to see where the rest of this year will lead us.   We have lots of dates on the books for May, so check our calendar and find one near you.  Whether you’ve seen us before, or you’ve just found us, come out and say ‘hello’ and pick up a CD and shirt.  See you down the road!